Growing a business is hard. Growing a business AND raising tiny human beings is harder. We want you to know that you are not alone. No longer do you have to choose either or, you can be equally Kickass at BOTH and the pages of this magazine will show you how!

I know a place where Mamas, open and honest about their mom wins and epic mom fails. hang out.

  • It is a place where you can be yourself without judgement.
  • A place where we understand that not everyone mothers the same and that that's perfectly okay.
  • A place you can admit that Motherhood is hard, that you love your kids but don't always like them, and that you are imperfectly perfect and own it. 
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Let me introduce myself. Being a mom is hard. 

Wanting to do the right thing for my kids I stayed in destructive relationships for too long telling myself it is better for them to have their father around even if he was killing me emotionally, spiritually, financially and tried to do so physically. I drove myself to the point of a mental breakdown because I was trying to make my home, my kids' birthday parties and my entire life Pinterest and Instagram worthy. 

I registered for classes I didn't even want and ended up with student loan debt because I thought I wasn't as good enough as the more educated moms, whom to me, where better able to provide. 

 I stressed myself out to the point of averaging 2 migraines a week in an attempt to be the 'best' mom on the block. I literally made myself sick in my pursuit for perfection. 

After my 4th suicide attempt. stemming from failing at my own unrealistic standards, this is what I learned: I do not mother like other mothers. 

- I will never be on the PTA. I do not bake cookies for bake sales and my house is always a mess...but my kids are happy. They are fed and taken care of. They are given the freedom to be themselves and they love me cookies or no cookies. 

- I also learned that by hurting myself, I was hurting them. Stressing over my IG and Pinterest following, stressing myself to the point that I could not even spend time with them, hurt them more than it helped. They want a mother that is more invested in being present with them, than having an online presence. I learned to put the M.E. back in mother in a way that
blasted away the guilt, shame and Pinterest envy.

Now I help other mama's do the same thing - find yourself again. It is all too easy to get lost in the role of being a mother and lose all sense of who you are. I help busy moms, with active kids reconnect with their inner badassery and live a life that is true to them as a person, fulfilling as a mother and empowering to your kids. 

That is why I created this magazine, as a tool to support you as you work, live, love and grow along with your kiddos. 

In conclusion, You want to give your child the world so realize this: YOU are the world to your child. Their little lives orbit around you, so to give them the world, you must give them the best version of YOU.

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From this mama's heart to yours....


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